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Inhale and breathe in

Do you know what you have inhaled?

We live in a planet in severe distress, whose environment gets worse day by day.

Global warming and global cooling, harmful emissions, the destruction of the ozone layer, spills, deforestation, monoculture, each day we change the sparse equilibrium of our home.

The outcome is there to be seen: the significant climate change is wiping communities out, is affecting food genetics and extinguishing lifeforms. Every single day!

However, these changes don’t occur only “out-of-doors”. Every day, depending on our workplace or on the places that we attend, our body and our health faces an immensity of harmful elements.

The truth is, we often have difficulty in breathing, and we inhale toxic elements without even knowing it.

INNOVAIR was established to fight this status quo.

Grounded on a detailed analysis of the elements and equipped with the most advanced technology as well as a team of world-class professionals, our purpose is the creation of a cleaner atmosphere and an environment in compliance with our well-being, in the short, medium and long term.

Do you know what you have inhaled? - Innovair 24

Innovation from Fatima to the world

Since 2013, we have been developing solutions with unique criteria to assess the complexity of the environment in which we move.

The purpose: to improve the air quality of indoor spaces, the ones we attend and the ones where we work.

We provide completely innovative and important services within the scope of the assessment and continuous monitoring (24/7) of the pollutants related with air quality.

Innovation from Fatima to the world - Innovair 24

Goals and mission Innovair

To create the perfect conditions to achieve and maintain a safe environment because the professionals and the people who attend it are the most important thing.

Our mission is to contribute to a better world and the way to achieve it is by protecting space by space, company by company, monument, museum, building, commercial center.

Goals and mission Innovair - Innovair 24

Where and how to do it

INNOVAIR upholds the values of Innovation and Customer focus. This process gives us the enthusiasm and confidence that help us achieve the desired results.

We offer a Tailor-Made program suitable for every need, perimeter or specific and special conditions.

Where and how to do it - Innovair 24